What is Sports Tourism

About Sports Tourism

Are you travelling and observing new things/ environment while still participating in your favourite sporting activity? Did you travel a long distance to attend or view you any sporting activity? If you have done any of the above, then you have done sports tourism.

Types of Sports Tourism

There are a few examples of sports tourism which include:

  1. Active sports tourism in which individuals travel to take part in events such as golfers participating in golfing and footballers participating in soccer tournaments. Active sports tourism can also be subdivided further with those who actively participate in the activity being classified as active participants while those who attend to spectate being referred to as hobbies.
  2. Event tourism, on the other hand, involves hallmark activities such as the FIFA World Cup and Olympics which attract worldwide viewership and interest. Amateur events such as schools’ championship and community organised tournaments, for instance, those aimed at sensitising communities against drug use are also part of event tourism.
  3. Nostalgia event tourism is whereby you travel to meet famous sports personalities and to visit sports hall of fame such as the Knoxville Women’s College Basketball Hall of Fame.

Sports tourism is becoming popular due to its favourable monetary impact on stakeholders and advanced transportation means such as air has also made it easier for people to commute with ease to participate in these sports. There is a facebook page of tourism where they talks about it.

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