How to use a golf rangefinder and its usage

To most people playing golf only involves the golf ball, the golf clubs, and the bags. What they don’t know is that there are other devices that golfers use to help them improve on their performance. One of those devices is the golf rangefinder.

The device is used to measure the distance between the golf ball and the pinhole. By using the device, one can control the game by knowing the distance and making accurate shots.

It’s user-friendly thus takes a short time to learn how to use it by following the guide below. First, you must understand that there are two types of these golf range finders, they are separated by the principle by which they use to measure the distance.

The first device uses GPS navigation to outline the golf course and the other uses laser to measure the distance from the golfer to the target point.

To use the rangefinder, you will have to test the scope and other features to find the clearest and with the best magnification between the two.

On how to use the device first you must know where to place your eyes. For some require one to use one eye but keep it a distance away from the rangefinder. To stabilise the device use both hands and be steady.

Secondly, finding the target. Use the naked eye first before looking through the rangefinder. It will help in finding the direction to face. Do not only see the pinhole but try to measure the distance to other obstacles with the field of play so as to have control of the play area. Consider buying models that can scan for these obstacles.

Thirdly, to make the accurate measurement and precise use a tripod stand. It will help you have a steady way to handle the device. But it’s not a must use, both hands can do the magic too. It’s wise to practice more often if you are looking to use bare hands this will help you handle the device even better during game time.

Lastly, when finding the flag, which is the primary use of the golf rangefinder, its advisable to use a rangefinder that comes with a sensor and vibrate once it locks on the flag. Not only that, it makes the process faster for a golfer to find the flag which saves time as well. The sensor in these devices can differentiate the flag from other obstacles and helps to find it from the furthest range.

Having learned on how to use it, below are some Golf Rangefinder Benefits.

1. These are user-friendly

The golf rangefinders are convenient to use. Compare to other devices that are used to aid golfer, that require them to download the course files, with the golf rangefinder; this is not the case.

2. Affordability

Its believed by most that these devices are expensive because of its benefits and association with golfers and the game of golf. But surprisingly, they cost less than most devices that use GPS like golf watches. You can find golf rangefinders that go for less than $ 150 with amazing features than most.

3. They are accurate

It has become easy for the golfer to measure the distance accurately to their target. Thanks to the range finder, the golfer can now easily take correct measurement hence making precise and accurate scores. The golfer is also provided with information that enables them to know the distance to position themselves from the pin, bunker or even the tree line.

4. Accepted in major events

Some models are these days allowed even in the major tournament. The rule was passed after the USGA realised that golfers were having difficulties in measuring their distances. But those that measure wind speed and the terrain (ground slope) are prohibited.


The main point should be to practice using the gold rangefinder in the actual field to get the required experience in using it without aid or guidance. These will help you focus on the game and not wasting more time measuring.

The rangefinder comes with its manual, read it and understand before taking it to the field for use. Don’t forget to do more research online about the device.

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